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Are you looking for some logoed merchandise to add pizzazz – and profits – to your college bookstore? We got you covered. Since college students work and play equally hard, only a combination of the scholarly and the silly will do.

Stationery Objects
Starting with the obvious, writing materials like pens, pencils and notebooks are essential for this audience. We’ve chosen some styles that offer something extra, either through their make-up, their design, or add-on features.

Ready to Wear
Students like to wear their support for their school teams on their sleeves – or at least on their bodies somewhere. Spirit scarves are hot in Europe, and they’re growing in popularity here, too, because they’re so cozy. For warmer weather, how about offering flip-flops? For the gym, a pair of moisture-wicking, antimicrobial shorts will help college athletes keep their cool. We also suggest a cool string backpack.

To Their Own Devices
No other age group is quite so wired as the young, so offer a smattering of electronic accessories, too. A protective case keeps personal devices safe during the inevitable bumps and drops, rushing to and from class. A car kit module adds new dimension to an iPod. We’ve also found an unique flexible keyboard and a stylish flash drive.

Stationery Objects
Poly Cover Notebook
7 In 1 Stationary Kit
Elegance Pen
Paw Ruler Bookmark & 8" Ruler
Ready To Wear
Men's 3 Layer Performance Color Block Softshell Jacket
Fleece Scarf with Fuzzy Backing and Two Pockets
Two-Tone Sport Drawstring Backpack
To Their Own Devices
iPhone 6 4.7" Combo Case
Flexible Waterproof Keyboard
Color Me Speaker
AE USB Flash Drive Key Loop
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